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Maestri della lavorazione e del commercio del legno.
Masters of woodworking and trade.
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Semilavorati, kit e prodotto finito. L'industria del legno è il nostro campo da gioco.
Semi-finished products, kit and finished products. The wood industry is our playing field.
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Upholstery frames

Some of the largest Italian and worldwide manufacturers have chosen our frameworks for their upholstered furniture.

Sturdy materials, assembled with full compliance to the current laws. These materials are worked upon using the most updated technology in the field, with the attentive eye and hand of expert technicians and craftsmen.


Semifinished wordwork

Shaped Boards.

Assembly Kit.


We provide single pieces (linear and shaped boards, and joints) or complete ready to assemble kits, with the preciseness and punctuality that have always characterized us.


Wood Trade

We are the first to use the raw materials, for this reason we are very attentive and particular in choosing the wood and the boards we market.

We always visit the European productive areas to inspect quality standards before purchasing our clients’ requested wood.